Eekman by Eekman (interwiew)

I was born on the Place of Barricades, No. 4, in Brussels in the house and room where Victor Hugo wrote some of his Miserables. Myself, I am one of his results : "a little miserable". I do not know if this has something to do with painting or not but in any case it is a start quite amusing to see.
Then I did studies of architecture and everything started from there, from the famous Place of Barricades.

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From reality to imagination, a humanist itinerary.

Flamand en Flandres, Flamand à Montparnasse, Européen de culture et Flamand de cœur, Nicolas Eekman naît à Bruxelles de parents hollandais, dans la chambre où Hugo commença à écrire les Misérables. Il sera plus tard, lui aussi l'ami des pauvres, des gueux, des paysans,des misérables de sa terre natale.

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*Museums - Works by Nicolas Eekman can be seen :

Arhnem - Basel- Berlin - Brussels - Budapest - Chicago - Dordrecht - Dresden - Eindhoven - Essen - Glasgow - Hanover - Moscow - Mulheim - Munich - Prague etc.

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